Safety Statement Workshop Classroom and Practical

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Safety StatementsEvery employer, every self-employed person and every person in control of a workplace to any extent, is required by law to have a Safety Statement. Each Safety Statement must be relevant and specific to the particular business it covers. Getting a competent Safety Statement can be expensive.

Programme Aims

This “Safety Statement Workshop” is designed to enable employers and the self employed to satisfy the requirements of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act and other safety legislation, by helping them produce a competent safety statement compatible with their individual business circumstances and at reasonable cost.

Participant Profile

All employees and the self-employed who do not already have a safety statement or who wish to update their present safety statement.

Programme Objectives

Participants gain an understanding of the requirements of the legislation and their legal obligations under it, the concepts and requirements of the safety statement and an understanding of hazard identification, risk assessment and the implementation of control measures at the workplace.

Draft Schedule (May be modified to suit individual needs)

Safety Statement Workshop

  • Introduction to Legislation – The Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act.
  • Content of Safety Statement
  • What is required – The HSA Guidelines
  • Practical examples Write up

Workplace hazard identification & risk assessment

  • Hazard identification, risk assessment & control strategies
  • Identifying problems at the workplace Audit

Workplace hazards & controls

  • Identifying controls-How, where and why? Collect information

The Hazards Index

  • Practical application
  • Control strategies, implementation etc. Write up

Final visit

  • Review safety statement
  • Questions and answers etc.

The programme consists of classroom tutorials and practical workshops. Some “homework” is requires but templates and examples sare provided. At the end of the programme the client should be in possession of a comprehensive safety statement specifically designed for their business and be fully aware of everything in it.

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