Beginners Forklift Truck Drivers Course

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The beginners Forklift Truck Drivers course is designed to provide the necessary Certification and Safety Awareness to students who have little or no experience of Forklift Truck Driving.

The course caters for a maximum of three students per instructor per truck (3:1:1), over a four day (32.5hr) period.

On completion of this course the student will;

A) Be aware of the relevant legislation (Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005) and the Duties of Employers and Employees.

  • Know the Principles of the Forklift Truck
  • Stability
  • Basic Maintenance Requirements
  • Refuelling with LPG
  • Safe Operation of the Forklift Truck
  • Accidents and Safety Procedures

B) Sit a theoretical Exam (minimum pass mark 80%) and take a practical test of Basic Operator Skills on a purpose built course. The maximum penalty points which may be incurred on the Practical Test is 40.

All of the above criteria are in line with the guidelines laid down by the RTITB  to its Accredited instructors.

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